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Friday, August 10, 2012


Well, Proud to say we are now on Facebook, Like us and feel free to ask any questions:

Also, be sure to check out our newest track, Lost In Funk:


Remember the contest we've talked about? Well its almost underway! Its time for you to dust off that old mic and hit up that studio... we'll be running it through Talenthouse so stay tuned for details!

Monday, July 23, 2012

One of our own:

Recently one of our very own designers stumbled upon a contest. Considering he is are lead designer and in charge of designing our sunglasses this is a perfect opportunity for him to display his skills. If he wins he will receive the chance of a lifetime to design with the creative people of Adidas and possibly have is creation marketed around the world. He also would win a cash prize which would be just enough for us to officially launch our company and go through with some designs we have. putting them from ideas on paper to a physical creation. Please click on the link and support him. it does not cost anything.. then when voting opens please be sure to vote for him.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some Big Plans:

Some big stuff that we have been planning is finally starting to unfold. I can't tell you how excited I personally am right now. Lets just hope and pray that all goes according to the plan. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of a prototype for a secret project to show you soon.

More music:

As you know we hit up the studio just about everyday, even though I don't always upload it to soundcloud or youtube.. I'm almost always coming up with new sounds. Heres a little something to hold you off for a bit. It has a Chris Brown feel to it : Looking For The One. I hope you enjoy it.


Remember the contest I've been talking about lately? We really want it to happen, and I know some of you do too. But in order for this to go down we need YOUR help. You are the participant, therefore I need to be informed that you are willing to prove you have talent and participate. The only way for 3 Realities Productions and Styles to know you have interest is to click on the following link and subscribe to us: 3 Realities Productions and Styles. They only entry fee is you subscribing to us, therefore this contest is free.. and who doesn't like that? :) We are hoping to get at least 20 entries in order for this to happen, so if you think you can spit a few bars better then the rest, I have two words to say to you: Prove it!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sun Glasses??

Hey does anyone out there wear sunglasses?? of course all of you do ;). We are currently designing some sick new styles... Comment a pic or link of your favorite type!

More Info On Contest :

We are still waiting for more subscribers for this contest. Just a brief overview of what it'll be in case you missed it before: I'm searching for talent.. young, old, mid aged.. whatever you are, anyone can participate. It's targeting all Emcee's and Rappers that think they got talent. I will supply a very basic track, the rest is simple: you make a song. Now note that I said a simple track, this means that it will focus solely on lyricism and talent. Think you got this? then give it a try and subscribe to me @3Realities. Oh yeah, the winner will be featured on my channel, receive exclusive rights to a track that I will create just for you, and not to mention have ultimate bragging rights.

More rules will come in an official video, but I need people to subscribe to me in order to see how many will participate in this. This is only going to happen if I get enough interest.. after all I want to see some good competition.

So if you think you got rhymes, get ready to back it up with some real talk.. if you dare.
Quickie Song Update:
To all of you bass loving, crunk dancing, music listening people... This one is for you!

Be sure to listen to it on some crazy good sound equipment if you want to hear the full force of it... I'd suggest using a subwoofer! :D In the mean time, this update if going to stay sweet and small, but this wasn't the only thing I made in the studio today. stay tuned to see what I'm talking about(Hint, it has to do with a collab). 

Also be sure to follow me on twitter and hit up my youtube channel.. we need more people for that contest to take place!



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Studio Session:

Today I hit up my studio and wrote some music down. I FINALLY attempted a slow and sad piano beat... And I can't explain how much I love the outcome. So I guess I'll just let you hear it:

You can find the audio on our soundcloud here:    Let The Piano Roll @3Realities

***Contest Announcement!***

We currently are searching for talent. ALL RAPPERS wanted! I have a basic instrumental that I produced, Anyone who is willing can participate in this contest. Like I said, the beat is very basic; therefore this contest solely focuses on lyricism and vocal abilities. You must subscribe to me on youtube for further details, I would also suggest to hit me up on soundcloud, twitter, and keep up to date on this blog. 

***The Prize***

The winner will be featured on my channel, get a shout out on twitter, and receive EXCLUSIVE rights to a track that we will produce for you.

In the mean time, keep it real,

-Rodger Dent

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Progress Progression Report:

Well, after working extremely hard I am very proud to say that as a company we are progressing very well. I just finished up on one of our designs: Arty. 

He has some hidden symbolism, but I doubt anyone will see it until later on. He is sort of a mascot for an upcoming project we have going on. 

We also have been establishing all of our social networks. You can currently follow us on twitter:
@3Realities Tweet us whats up, let us know whats going on and how you've been. 

Our Soundcloud is also operating: @3Realities. Follow us for updates of all our new songs.. and some free downloads!

We also have a youtube account where you can check out videos, view tutorials, and even participate in a contest every once in a while. Be sure to subscribe: @3Realities.

Thanks for stopping by,